Participate in the Global Solution Conversation

Monday, 9 January 2023, 09:55

The Career Development Center University of Zakho is pleased to announce that students interested in learning new skills, improving negotiation skills, and exchanging cultures with students from other countries such as the United States and Jordan can now participate online in the Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge program.

The program will facilitate students who want to develop their intellectual, practical, and negotiation skills. It will also be a bridge between students of different universities to share their cultures, for example between Zakho University and a university in the United States.

The program will start in February 2023 and until April. The program will be conducted under the supervision of two teachers: Mrs. Herjin Fadil Abdullah English Language department coordinator at the University of Zakho and Mr. Nechirvan Hassan Jawzal Coordinator of the Center at the Faculty of Humanities.

Any student who wishes to participate can register through the link below:

Deadline for submission: