The Language Center Announces the Date for the Placement Test

Friday, 10 January 2020, 00:00

The Language Center at the University of Zakho informs the lecturers and employees who have already registered for the English language course that Sunday, 18/1/2019 at 11 am will be the date for the placement test at the University of Duhok / the language center located in the College of Planning.

The test is centralized in only three centers of the region's universities.

Participants in the course should consider the following points:

1. The participant must submit a color copy of his university certificate to the center during 12, 13, and 14 of this month.

 2. The participant should visit the Accounts Directorate at the Presidency of the University of Zakho for the purpose of obtaining a receipt for the test fee estimated at (25,000) Iraqi dinars.

3. The participant must attend the test day half an hour before the announced date.

4. The names of the participants will be referred on Wednesday 15/1/2019 to the Ministry of Higher Education based on its instructions in order to define the examination halls in the three main centers.