An Announcement from the Language Center Concerning English Language Placement Test

Wednesday, 8 September 2021, 11:11

The Language Center at the University of Zakho informs the following attached names in the blew link that their placement test will be conducted on 11/9/2021, 10:00 am, at Dohuk University.

-Time: 10:00 am.

-Venue: Dohuk University, College of Humanitarian Studies.

-The participants should bring a valid and acceptable ID or Passport.

-During the listening test, the participant is prohibited from making any sound so as not to distract the rest of the participants.

- Answering the questions shall be exclusively in blue or black pen.

- The student is not allowed to ask questions to the observers or ask for clarification.

-Write the full name on the test paper as it is written on his/her identity card.

-The student is not allowed to bring his personal phone into the examination hall.

-The student shall be denied the test if it is proven that he/she has attempted to cheat.

-The participants should adhere to health instructions while performing the test.

-The participants should bring all supplies required to perform the test.

The names of the participants that are not in the link must wait for the list of names for the test that will take place on 9/25/2021.

See the link of the names of the participants in the English language placement test: