Job Opportunity for Graduates of the University of Zakho

Wednesday, 4 August 2021, 18:09

This is an announcement from the Career Development Centre (CDC) at the University of Zakho to its alumni (graduates), the (Viya Institute) in Zakho city needs some graduates to work in their institute as teachers, the alumni is going to teach one of the following subjects: 

1. English language 

2. Kurdish language 

3. Arabic Language 

4. Computer 

5. Administration and Accounting 

6. Oil and mineralogist 

Requirements of the job holder:

• must be an alumni (graduate) of the University of Zakho. 

• Advanced in teaching language skills. 

• must be one of the top ten students in his/her department among the undergraduates. 

• should be the graduate of (2015-2019) of the University of Zakho 

The deadline of application is on 8th of August 2021. 

You can send your CV to the following available email.