An Announcement from the Language Center Concerning Ferkari Course

Monday, 29 March 2021, 11:26


The Language Center at the University of Zakho informs participants of the second Ferkari course that their exams will be taken according to the following regulations:

1-The exams will be taken as follows;

A-On Tuesday, 30/3/2021, the end exams of Elementary and Beginner Level will be taken.

B-On Wednesday, 31/3/2021, the end exam of Pre-Intermediate level will be taken.

C-On Thursday, 1/4/2021, the end exam of Intermediate level will be taken.

2-Tests will be taken in Duhok center, Hawler Center, and Sulaimaniya center as follows:

A-Centers of ( Salahaddin University, Soran University, University of Koya, Hawler Polytechnic University) will take their exams at Hawler Center.

B-Language centers of ( University of Sulaimaniya, Halabja, Garmiyan, Rapareen, Charmo, and Sulaimaniya Polytechnic) will take their exams at the center of the University of Sulaimaniya.

C-Language  centers of ( Duhok University, University of Zakho) will take exams at the language center of Duhok University.

3-All exams will start at exactly 10:00 O’clock. Make sure to arrive (1) hour before your test time, to allow time for check-in.

4-Only black or blue pen is allowed to be used.

5-The questions of the exam will not be explained by the monitors of the hall.

6-The participants should write their full name on the answer sheet as written on their ID.

7-Bringing personal belongings such as mobile phone is not allowed.

8-If the participant is caught cheating, s/he will be deprived of doing the test.

9-The participants should follow health regulations and maintain social distance at all times.

10-The only item the participants can bring is a valid ID.

11-The participants should bring all required equipment needed for their exam.