Granting the Certificates of the Global Solutions Conversation Program

Sunday, 30 April 2023

On April 30, 2023, in the presence of the President of the University of Zakho, Dr. Nadhim S. Abdulaziz, Vice president for Student Affairs, Dr. Karwan F. Sami, Director of the Career Development Center at the University of Zakho, and Ms. Berivan M. Ahmad, the International Program for Negotiating Global Solutions Certificates were distributed to the facilitators and students of both participated teams.

The program started in February 2023 and continued until April 2023. The program was conducted under the supervision of the facilitators Mr. Nechirvan H. Jawzal, Coordinator of CDC at the Faculty of Humanities Unit, and Ms. Herjin F. Abdullah, Coordinator of the English Language Department at the University of Zakho, both teams successfully completed the program that was organized by the U.S. Consulate for students from Iraq, Jordan, and the United States.

The University of Zakho teams consisted of the following:

Team 11 was led by Mr. Nechirvan H. Jawzal, Lecturer and Coordinator of the CDC Center.

Team 15 was led by Ms. Herjin F.l Abdullah, Lecturer and English Department Coordinator

Both teams of the University of Zakho successfully completed the online program together with students from two American universities.

The following are the names of the participating students:

  1. Zeina Ahmed Yousef Ahmed
  2. Bashar Hikmat Ibrahim
  3. Ahmad Badrkhan
  4. Aisha Walat Ramadan
  5. Nivin Dilshad Abdulrahman
  6. Laween Adel Kassim
  7. Suzman Ali Ni'mat
  8. Adar Massoud Yousef
  9. Othman Salam Othman
  10. Najat Shahab Ahmad
  11. Awa Hadi Hama Saleh
  12. Wafa Ramzi Afdo
  13. Mariam Isaa Khalil
  14. Dilzar Abdulsalam Mohammed Tahir
  15. Ziad Mohammed Ahmed
  16. Turin Riber Othman
  17. Elaf Ahmed Ibrahim
  18. Huzan Sur

In the Global Solutions Conversations Program, students from US colleges, universities, and Iraqi and Jordanian universities held online group meetings to discuss the global competition on the development goals set by the United Nations through the six chains Consisting of six multinational meetings. Students discussed cultural diversity and learned about each other’s culture as they thought together and discussed a global issue in their community. Each team identified one of the community problems and presented a solution project to be supported in their community.

The program was a facilitator for students who wanted to develop their intellectual, practical, and negotiation skills. It was also a bridge between students from different universities to share and exchange their cultures, for example between the University of Zakho and Miami Dade College and Norfolk State University.

Fortunately, both participating teams were able to achieve great success and were highly praised by both American universities and the IREX organization.