University Of Zakho Has the Privilege To Be Chosen as a Member of WREC2022 Conference

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

It is an important and happy occasion for the University of Zakho to be honored, and distinguished, due to its contributions and presence in the international multi-disciplinary scientific conference, by choosing Dr. Kamil Mansoor Yousif- from the Department of Environmental Sciences, as a representative of Iraq [among all Iraqi's Universities], as a member of the International Advisory Committee in the World Renewable Energy Conference [ WREC 2022] .

The University of Zakho is very proud on this occasion, and  would like  to thank WREC 2022,  For this initiative,  to  choose Dr. Kamil in view of his contributions, achievements, outstanding performance - possibly under difficult circumstances-and the remarkable efforts he has made over the past several years.

It’s worth mentioning that the International Interdisciplinary Congress to be held at Murdoch University in Perth , Australia from 6 – 10 February, 2022 . It is offered in both online and onsite formats.[ Topics, e.g. Environmental Sciences & Eng. , Renewable Energy , etc…].

For more information about the congress, visit the following website: