Career Development Center Participated in Meeting with a Korean Organisation

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

On April 14th ,2021, the Career Development Centre participated in a meeting with a non_governmental  international organisation in Korea. This meeting was held in the presence of the director of CDC (Ms. Berivan Mohammad Ahmad) and its coordinator from the College of Education (Mr. Nizar Ismat Ali) with the delegate of the (HWPL) Organisation. 
It is worth mentioning that, this organization is an international Peace Building organization that was founded for global peace and cessation of war.

The purpose of this initiative is to know more about the conditions of students around the world, the way of enlightening students in regards to peacebuilding and peace education, and implement them at the University of Zakho.

The meeting also discussed some future plans about having different activities such as training courses, workshops, seminars related to the coexistence term, living in harmony, and peacebuilding.