The University of Zakho Conducts a Comprehensive Study on the Causes of the Rise of Suicide

Sunday, 4 April 2021

The University of Zakho responded to the invitation of the Head of the Investigation Committee in the Khabur Crime- Fighting Office, Captain Musab Khaled Youssef, to conduct a comprehensive study on the causes leading to suicide, especially after the increase in suicides attempts among young men and women in the Zakho district.

The university presidency has directed Dr. Zahid Sami, a specialist in the Psychology of Growth-  Childhood and Adolescent , and Ms. Jehan Hussein Omar, a specialist in Mental Health, Educational  and Psychological Counselling , to find out the real causes behind the increase in suicides.

The researchers conducted separate interviews with families of individuals who committed suicide or attempted suicide in order to obtain the details and factors behind this phenomenon in order to provide psychological support to their families and limit the spread of this phenomenon.