Career Development Center Organises a Scientific Competition

Sunday, 28 February 2021

On Feb 23rd, 2021,  the Career Development Centre (CDC), in collaboration with the Women Rehabilitation Organisation (WRO), conducted a scientific and entertainment competition for the students of the University of Zakho. Under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Karwan Jacksi-the Vice President for Students Affairs, the Directorate of Career Development Centre, also with the presence of Dr. Mahir Khalid Ali -the Dean of the Faculty of Science, and Dr. Basim Salim Ahmad- the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Science, the competition started.

This initiative aimed to strengthen the social relations and coexistence between the students from different ethnic backgrounds and religions at the University of Zakho.  

It is worth mentioning that,  at the end of the competition the participants received some gifts from the mentioned organisation.