The Training and Development Center Participated in a Seminar Organized by World Didac Association

Friday, 25 September 2020

The Director of Training and Development Center at the University of Zakho, Assistant Professor Dr. Sattar Jabbar Haji, participated in the virtual lecture held by World didac on Thursday under the title "Phenomenal Teacher Education from Finland Confirmation".

The director of the organization and the organizer of the lecture (Juha Merinen) welcomed the participants and the attendees and welcomed the three lecturers from the Finnish University of Helsinki: Dr. (Kirsti Lonka), (Jari Lavonen) and (Markus Talvio).

The lecturers shed light on the education system in Finland, which is one of the most important global developed countries in terms of education and training. They also talked about the importance of education, keeping up with the times, discovering new ways and methods to sharpen learners ’talents raise their competence, and incorporate advanced technology means and programs into the educational process.

The lecture also dealt with the importance of the qualities involved in the instructor and trainer and the stages of preparing the scientific plan.

At the conclusion of the lecture, the doors of discussion and inquiry were opened to the audience