Director Message

Respectable Student

Welcome to the University of Zakho! We are delighted to welcome you into your new family. You are going on a path full of potential and optimism as you begin your academic career. The Office of Student Affairs is dedicated to collaborating with you and challenging you to take full advantage of the possibilities available at this fantastic university.

All of our students' needs are important to us, therefore we work hard to accommodate them. We offer excellent instructors and a compassionate staff, as well as a gorgeous campus and an environment that supports your academic ambitions. We invite you to join your college's Career Development Center (CDC) and its components. They all provide possibilities for leadership development, academic assistance, networking, personal development, and community involvement. Our University leaders participate in many aspects of student life, including student orientations, university program council, recreational sports, and so on.

Take a walk around campus, ask questions, meet professors and staff, and learn everything you can about your university and Zakho city. Study hard, think smart, make new friends, participate in extracurricular activities, and have fun. For you, this is the best of times. We are here to assist you in every manner possible. We wish you success in achieving all of your objectives and realizing all of your ambitions.

See you around campus.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Karwan Jacksi


Vice President for Student Affairs

Karwan Fahmi Sami

Karwan Fahmi Sami