Mission & Vision

Language Centre


The mission of the Language Centre is to develop the ability of its students at all levels of study to become professional users of other languages through an established programmer of languages teaching and support. It is believe that language is more than just language – it is a cultural transmitter. Language and communication are essential for close relationships between people: for mutual understanding, academic purposes and social interaction and fruitful business collaboration.

The language center at the University of Zakho is dedicated to maximising students' linguistic abilities and academic potential through specific language training and incessant study support. The center, as a unit, is also devoted to serving our students who, because English and other languages are foreign languages to them, often need support and additional training courses and instruction prior to beginning their academic programs and during the early months and even years of their academic programs.


The vision of our center is to become the leading center in the whole country in providing outstanding training courses and excellent language proficiency courses with the help of our professional and very potential academic staff to become internationally accredited.


The core objectives of the center is:

1. Provide our academic staff and students with high quality language courses/trainings in accordance to their academic needs.

2. Strive to achieve high quality outcomes that would match international standards.

3. Empower learners with outstanding quality courses and training to become full participants in the society and university communities through excellent programmers and training courses.