TOEFL iBT Test Site

UOZ is an ETS-authorized TOEFL iBT® Test Center

The test site has been granted Certificate of Authorization by ETS on March 24th, 2020 and it is managed by personnel who have successfully completed and passed the TCA Certification Training and Certification Exam. The TOEFL iBT test, administered online via Internet, it tests all four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The test may take up to 4.0 hours to complete (up to 4.5 hours at the test center). It is internationally accepted for university admission. TOEFL testing takes place in more than 165 countries, and TOEFL scores are accepted by more than 9,000 institutions and agencies in 130 countries. More institutions accept TOEFL scores than any other English-language proficiency test in the world. The TOEFL test is the one test that can take you anywhere. For general information about the test please visit:

Test Schedule

Upcoming test dates for TOEFL iBT: TOEFL iBT examination will take place in the University of Zakho, Presidency Building, third floor. The starting time of the exam is 10:00 a.m. You must arrive at UOZ at least one hour before the start of the test to be enrolled.
• May 16, 2020
• May 30, 2020
• June 13, 2020
• June 20, 2020
• July 18, 2020
• August 08, 2020
• August 26, 2020
• September 09, 2020
• September 26, 2020


• Online
A candidate can register online on the ETS website.
Make sure to print your registration confirmation when you complete your registration.
• At the University, a member will help you to fill in the registration form.

• Fees for additional services:-

# Service Fee
1 Late Registration US$40
2 Rescheduling US$60
3 Reinstatement of canceled scores US$20
4 Additional score reports (per recipient) US$20
5 Speaking or writing section score review US$80
6 Speaking and writing section score review US$160


• Please be advised that the pricing for the online registration is $195. A hundred and ninety five US dollars.
• For in person registration, an extra $20 (Twenty US Dollars) is charged for the registration.

Required Identification

When you register for a TOEFL® test, you are required to provide identification (ID) information. In addition, you must enter your name exactly as it appears on the primary ID document(s) you plan to bring to the test center on test day.
An original, valid and signed passport or a National ID are the only acceptable identification documents for IBT testing.

More information about the available testing dates, registration and payment process please visit:
• For the testing dates and locations, click here.
• For registration and payment process, please call 00964-0750-8230397
• Mail us at

Our certified administrators:
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