Faculty of Science

Dean Message

  Nawfal Rasheed Hussein

I am fully discerning of the necessity medical services to our communities especially in Zakho district and generally in Duhok region generally. So, I worked so hardly for many years ago with my colleagues to establish Zakho College of Medicine. Indeed, it was our dream, and now become a reality.

I am enthusiastic to lead this truthful and granted group of students, staff and faculty and meeting and working with our friends and neighbors as we continue to build the public health, community-based medical school that our region both needs and deserves. Together, we will make a real difference in the health of the people in our communities.

While we will have challenges and obstacles ahead, but we also have a great opportunity. We will continue to lead the responsibility in the evolution of health care by applying new and diverse strategies that create skilled, culturally competent physicians and biomedical researchers who place an commends on prevention, wellness, and cost-effective treatments.

Our college of medicine opened its doors to the impulse of 36 students on October 28, 2018. It strives to produce a pioneer of physicians who are driven to surpass and serve. The college provides innovative, transformative and high quality educational programs that are outcome-based education.

Dear Students, we encourage you to take advantage of our integrated curriculum which has a number of exciting features including: a system-based approach with integration of the medical disciplines in system course, multiple approaches to teaching and learning. In addition, the emphasis is not solely on degrees or class rank, but also on critical thinking through participation in patient care, applies ethical and legal principles, learn and work in a multi-professional team, and the development of strong clinical skills.

Good marks and class rank is not enough to become excellent doctor, becoming a professional doctor requires “something more”: Kindness, a sense of community-mindedness, and leadership.

Dr. Nawfal Rasheed Hussein