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The Department of General Psychology Conducted a Seminar

The Department of General Psychology Conducted a Seminar

Published Date: Wednesday, 24 February 2021, 11:32

A group of lecturers from the Department of General Psychology at the University of Zakho gave a group of lectures at the Students' Union in Zakho in the presence of university students and middle school students.

Dr. Zahid S. Muhammad gave his lectures under the title: (Basic information for understanding the psychological state and analyzing personality, the importance of motives according to the concept of Abraham Mazlo, how to deal with the necessities for success in life) and Ms. Jehan Omar gave her lecture on (Positive Psychology and its Effects On human)

The lecturers continued their activities, as Ms. Foman Ahmed Muhammad gave her lecture under the title: (Self-Esteem and Methods for Solving Problems), Mr.Hussein Abdel Rahman entitled: (Intelligence and Memory), Dr. Nizar Ismat entitled: (Character Building and the Stage of Adolescence) and Mr.  Hoshink Akram Khorshid entitled: (When Do We Need To visit a psychotherapist).