Academic Dissertations

Declarative Verbs in Meccan Suras

The Effect of the Phonological Ability of the Fifth Primary Students' Writings

Designing and Implementing of an Online Student Information Management System

Language Analysis of News Reporting in The Newspaper Avro (2007-2010)

Phonology of the Kurdish language- Duhok governorate

Semiotic Horror Elements as a Means of Expressing the Modern Men's Miseries in Stephen King's the Shining John Ronald Tolkiens the Lord of the Ring...

A Political and Historical Study on Zakho between the 14/07/1958 till the 11/03/1970 by Ms. Rojeen Chalabi Muneer

Economic Activities of Dhimmis in Baghdad during the First Era of the Abbasid Caliphate from 766 till 861 by Ali Omar Ali

Dehumanization and the Rise of Feminism and Racism in the African Culture in Three African American Plays by Baroj Hashim Abdi

Impact of Israelites on the History of the Islamic Scholar Al-Tabari by Ms. Dilman Yousif Ahmed

Some Numerical Methods for Solving Rayleigh Wave Equation by Omar Ayad Abdulkareem

Existence, Uniqueness, Stability and Periodic Solutions for Some Integro-differential Equations by Dawoud Sadullah Abdullah

Thin Liquid Films and Stability Analysis by Ibrahim Silo Hamad

SSC- Open Sets in Soft Topological Spaces by Sagvan Y. Musa

The Kurdistan Newspaper as the Media Organ of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Iran from the 11th of January 1946 till the 3rd of October 1946 by...

Different Levels of Sufi Studies in the Poems of Ciziri by Mr. Akhtyar Ahmed Ahmed

Relations between Phonology and Semantics in both, the Southern Kurdish and Central Kurdish Dialects by Ms. Nefel Salih Islam

The Seljuk Minister Moeenaldin Sulaiman Pirwana (646 - 676 AH, 1248 - 1277 AD) by Mr. Hajar Abdullah Hussein at the University of Zakho