Student of Kurdish Department Conducted a Scientific Trip

Thursday, 6 February 2020

On Wednesday, Jan 5, 2020, the Kurdish Language Department organized a scientific trip for its students to the Badrakhan Library and the Qajaj Folklore Museum in Duhok, under the supervision of Ms. Zherwan Saeed Haji-lecturer at the department.

At the beginning of their trip, the students went to the Badrakhani Library, during which they met with the members and librarians of the library and reviewed their work progress, how to borrow books and archive titles. The students expressed their happiness and added that they had obtained much useful information related to the field of work in libraries.

The students also visited the Qachakh Folklore Museum, and they were welcomed by Mr. Ali Qachakh. During the visit, the students wandered between the corridors of the exhibition. Qachakh wished the students success in their studies.