The University of Zakho Participated in a Study and Research Period in Oldenburg University, Germany

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

The University of Zakho participated in a study and research period in Oldenburg University, Germany as a part of the project "Qualification for Inclusive Education in Iraq and Kurdistan Region". For the continuity of the aforementioned project, the University of Oldenburg organized a second trip of study and research period which lasted for fourteen days from 17th of November 2019 to 30th of November 2019 for the participants of the project. Mr. Ivan H. Murad, a Faculty Member of English Department and the Director of Training and Development Centre at the University of Zakho took part in this study and research period. This trip had an intensive focus on the practical part of the project which is visiting school for special needs and inclusive education. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Ivan visited six schools including those which had a different concept of inclusive education. This is side by side to visiting some other relating places for people with special needs and a hospital.

There is no doubt that this trip was of immense importance to broaden the concept of inclusive education for the visiting member. This is because much was learned out of monitoring the teaching process and having a close look at how pupils with special needs were dealt with and taught in terms of knowledge, pedagogy, and personality building skills.
This study and research period had made things easier for the participants of the project from the University of Zakho to carry on with their already started project which is training teachers from the local education directorate of Zakho city on how to properly teach and deal with pupils of special needs.

For the Host University to know more about the education system in Kurdistan region of Iraq and the situation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees, a number of seminars were presented. A detailed presentation on ''The Educational Situation of IDPs and Refugees in Kurdistan Region of Iraq'' was presented by Mr. Ivan H. Murad which highlighted the current situation in schools in the camps and also the situation of pupils with special needs alongside the challenges faced in this regard. Special thanks are due to the University of Oldenburg for organizing this study and research period and also to DAAD for sponsoring the project.