University of Zakho Conducted a Workshop for Directorate of Local Education/Zakho City

Saturday, 9 November 2019

On November 5th, 2019 a group from the University of Zakho namely; Dr. Zahid Sami Mohammed the head of Psychology dept., Mr. Ivan Hasan Murad the director of Training and Development Centre, Dr. Hariwan Zikri Ibrahim the head of Mathematics dept./ Faculty of Education, Mr. Khorsheed Mohammed Rasheed the coordinator of English dept./ Faculty of Humanities, Ms. Kajeen Hussein Karo faculty member of psychology dept., and Mrs. Vaman Ahmed, coordinator of Psychology dept., conducted a workshop on two current topics in education and psychology for the local Directorate of Education in Zakho City which are: the best ways to deal with special needs education and inclusive education. This workshop is especially designed and prepared for those teachers who are assigned to deal with students with special needs. A great number of teachers and principals of primary schools and kindergartens attended the workshop and a very heated discussion went on. The attendees shared their experiences with the students of special needs they have where they work and also asked many questions on how to deal with different cases and needs. 

It is worth mentioning that this is the first activity of its kind held between the university and the local education directorate. It is an activity that would bridge the gap between the two sides for more future workshops and activities on this topic. 


At the end of the workshop, the administrative supervisor for Special Needs Education at the local directorate of Education, Zakho city, Mr. Habeel Abdulhadi, thanked the group of the University for their effort to touch upon a very current and crucial topic that would help solve a lot of problems and issues relating to students with special needs. Also, the group of the university thanked all the attendees for their presence and eagerness to learn about how to properly deal with those students of special needs and also the group thanked the local directorate of education for being very cooperative with them. 

Special thanks go to both German universities: The University of Oldenburg and Vechta University their continuous support and thorough and effective training they provided the group of Zakho University with in this regard. Many thanks are also due to DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service for sponsoring the trainings and the workshops conducted at both German Universities: Oldenburg and Vechta.