A Joint Research Workshop on Multidisciplinary Science, Nanotechnology and Engineering To Be Held

Start Date: Sunday, 20 January 2019 - End Date: Friday, 8 February 2019

The centre for Nano science and technology, Faculty of Science in collaboration with the training and development centre will hold a workshop on multidisciplinary science, nanotechnology and engineering cooperation through joint research in Seminar Hall, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zakho, February 11-12th, 2019. The workshop is for the academic staffs and researchers from the faculty of science and faculty of engineering from all fields who are only interested in multidisciplinary joint research by introducing their current research. We are encouraging the academic staffs and researchers to register and give a talk related to their current research.
The goal of this workshop is to give an interaction opportunity for researchers to a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations for a joint research purposes and to develop creative team working. Please submit the title and abstract. The participated talks are 12 minutes long with 3 minutes for questions. The maximum number of participants in workshop is 27. Registration by email to nanocentre@uoz.edu.krd. Workshop registration deadline is 7 February.