Directorate of Scientific and Postgraduate Affairs


The SPA directorate manages the overall scientific and postgraduate affairs in the University of Zakho (UoZ). We ensure the academic experience is of the highest quality. It is under the supervision of the office of Dr. Yaseen T. Mustafa, the Vice President of Scientific and Postgraduate Affairs.  


To guarantee and ensure the transparency, accuracy and speed in the whole processes and services provided by our directorate toward developed, accelerated and robust basis for scientific and postgraduate affairs on campus. 


Elevating the potentials and quality of science, research and postgraduate efforts and programs on campus to their next level of advancement. In order to take the UoZ to the top of best university lists, regionally and globally. 

Services and Duties

As the name of the directorate refers to, it encompasses two managerial units, with the main services provided by our directorate are listed below: 

1. Postgraduate Affairs Unit: 

1.1. Announcements of Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) and UoZ orders and instructions on Postgraduate Affairs.

1.2. Degree Awarding Order

1.3. Study Extension Requests

1.4. Issuing New Postgraduate Study Plan for MHE

1.5. Announcing Available Postgrad Programs and their Admission Requirements 

1.6. Postgrad Applications 

1.7. Facilitating Letter for Postgrad students for their research purposes

1.8. Distributing Theses and Dissertations

1.9. Sabbatical Leave for UoZ Staff to Study Postgraduate Programs 

1.10. General Follow Up Supervision on Qualification Exam for new Postgrad Candidates

1.11. Statistics: Graduated Students Up-To-Date Table

2. Scientific Affairs Unit

2.1. Announcements of Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) and UoZ orders and instructions on Scientific Affairs.

2.2. Academic Title Award Applications (University Order)

2.3. Academic Title Promotion Application (University Order)

2.4. Facilitating Letter for UoZ Faculty Members

2.5. Permission Letter for Faculty Members for Being Visitor Lecturer outside UoZ

2.6. University Order for Forming Scientific Committees

2.6.1. Awarding Academic Title

2.6.2. Promoting  Academic Title

2.6.3. Editing and Publications

2.7. Statistics: Faculty Members Table


Contact Information

Directorate of Scientific and Postgraduate Affairs

P. O. Box 12 Zakho International Road Duhok, Kurdistan Region-Iraq


Sunday - Thursday 08:30a.m. - 03:00p.m.

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